On / Off Hire Bunker & Condition Survey

Bunker Detective Survey

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On / Off Hire Bunker & Condition Survey 

The bunker survey is required in order to calculate the exact amount of bunkers on board at the time of vessel’s delivery/redelivery.

The vessel is delivered by the owner to the charterer, in case of On-Hire. At this time, usually, the Master issues a Delivery Certificates stating the place, time, parties involved and total amount of bunkers on board.

In case of redelivery, the vessel is redelivered by charterer to the owner by the end of the chartering (Off Hire), when it is issued the “Redelivery Certificate”.

The Surveyor carry out sounding of all bunkers tanks and performs corrections of soundings to vessel’s trim and heel to find out the volume in tanks. Than it is applied corrections for temperatures and specific gravity, in order to determine the actual quantity of bunkers on board at the time/place of survey. The Surveyor checks vessel’s consumption, as per perusal of engine log book and chartering details, to establish the amount of bunkers remaining on board at Delivery/Redelivery time.