Preload And Aout-Turn Survey

Before loading, the condition of cargo holds & containers (as well cargo gear, seaworthiness), hatch-covers and ship’s ventilation system must be carried out the inspection to certify that its condition is suitable for loading of cargo.

Basing on SAM MARINE’s pre-loading report of survey, Master of vessel will be issue Mate receipt list report to attached with Bill of lading.

if the report of cargo pre-loading inspection is results any differences against the described in the shipping documentation, whether to refuse (reject) the cargo or early notification of these deficiencies to the shippers (agents, stevedores or charterers) together with Carrier.

SAM MARINE’s surveyor inspects the cargo on the quay, seller’s premises, prior to the the ship’s arrival (period loading) and report to the master on its condition and advise the master on the clauses of the mate’s receipts and give advice on loading and stowage.

Survey on nature & apparent actual condition of cargo with report.

Advising Master on cargo holds cleaning, repairing on the failures, supplying dunnage material and lashing tools.  

Advising the master on loading, stowage and securing.

Monitoring the loading, stowage and securing.

Advising and reporting on handling damage caused by stevedores.

Carrying out & Advising on the tallying of the cargo and the issue of cargo documentation.

Advising if the cargo can be loaded in rain and a dirt particles dust flying in the air to cling the cargo

Acknowledged the charter parties Clauses relating to damaged cargo, responsibility for loading and stowage, issue of the mate’s receipts and bills of lading . . .

Loading surveyors / Discharging inspectors of SAM MARINE also has particular experience in assisting with the preloading, loading and unloading process, the subdivision of merchandise and the control of storage and consignment of maritime goods variety as a steel product (In particular steel coils both hot and cold, etc.), as well as the crude oil, supercargo, heavy lift cargo, product of packages, liquid cargo, bulk cargo, bags cargo. . .

In particular, of loading and discharging supervision inspection survey and tallying services

Vessel's holds Inspection;

Stowage control;

Visual inspection during loading and/or unloading;

Control on reloading of merchandise toward the final destination (trucks and railway wagons);

Tally inspections (controlling of correspondence i.e. packing lists and possible marking for subdivision in piles of coils, iron billets, slabs, wire rod, plates, etc.);

Determination of weight by means of Draft Survey and/or weighing scale and/or automatic scale with use of conveyor belt

Samplings according to international standards.

Advice on maintenance of cargo integrity

Condition inspection

Sealing / unsealing

Prevention loss/damage to cargo, goods, products

Letter protect report to Master, Concerning parties on loss/damage arising